FOTOBLOKS – Surface Surveys

A SASSONS Collection

FOTOBLOKS – Surface Surveys is a collection of 427 84-inch 3D ultra-high resolution digital sculptures that christens a new era in which we experience, travel with, and create shared experiences around ART.

The collection harnesses the achievements of Steve Sasson’s 1975 invention of the digital camera to unlock the final frontier in pixel manifestation. A fusion of tangible presence, intrinsic evolution, and mobility, each FOTOBLOK is the transformation of pixels into a life-size physical object, visible in any lighting condition without the aid of personal equipment.

Steve’s employer did not adopt his revolutionary technology in fear of cannibalizing film profits, a decision that contributed to the company’s eventual bankruptcy.

As the studio’s first-ever FOTOBLOKS collection and in honor of the first-ever digital camera, the studio designates FOTOBLOKS-Surface Surveys and all future first-of-their-kind collections “SASSONS” collections.