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FOTOBLOKS – Surface Surveys, a SASSONS collection


FOTOBLOKS –Surface Surveys is a collection of 427 84-inch 3D ultra-high resolution digital sculptures that christens a new era in which we experience, travel with, and create shared experiences around ART.

Historical Reference

The collection harnesses the achievements of Steve Sasson’s 1975 invention of the digital camera to unlock the final frontier in pixel manifestation. A fusion of tangible presence, intrinsic evolution, and mobility, each FOTOBLOK is the transformation of pixels into a life-size physical object, visible in any lighting condition without the aid of personal equipment.

Steve’s employer failed to adopt his revolutionary technology over fears of cannibalizing film profits, a decision that contributed to the company’s eventual bankruptcy. As the studio’s first-ever FOTOBLOKS collection and in honor of the first-ever digital camera, the studio designates FOTOBLOKS-Surface Surveys and all future first-of-their-kind collections “SASSONS” collections.

Pixels: 3 Manifestations 

To date, the visual manifestation of pixels generated by digital cameras has experienced 3 breakthroughs:

  • Printing: facilitating tangible, high-resolution reproductions of digital images
  • Display on digital screens: allowing for viewing on diverse devices
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): providing immersive and interactive experiences by incorporating digital images into three-dimensional environments. 


  • To unlock a fourth manifestation of pixels captured with a digital camera by combining the physicality of the analog art object with the perpetuality, mobility and utility of the digital art object.
  • To advance the ways in which we engage with ART by embedding richer and ever-evolving engagement experiences within artwork.
  • To present the highest and best use case for the fusion of art and advanced technologies such as blockchain and AI.

ALT Purpose 

To safeguard Earth’s biodiversity and humanity’s indigenous cultures.

  • To establish a NFT benefits model that extends beyond the interests of NFT holders and their communities to encompass global welfare.
  • To demonstrate the crucial need to adopt a mindset that values caring for others equally as caring for oneself to solve the incredible challenges we presently face in the Twenty-first Century.
  • To present and preserve an exceptional investment opportunity for NFT holders and their communities.

What is a FOTOBLOK?

  1. A full-resolution, 3D digital model containing all data and metadata required to project and print to a height, width, and length of 84X55X4 inches in high definition.
    • A 3D Digital Art Object: captured with state-of-the-art Leica medium format digital camera equipment.
  1. Self-Evolving Artwork & Collection | Ever-Advancing Engagement Model:
    • Each FOTOBLOK is securely stored on the blockchain within a file system storage container, to which the NFT owner has exclusive access, enabling the unrestricted projection or single lifetime printing of their FOTOBLOK anytime, in any manner, and location.
    • Designed for ongoing maintenance, version updates, and the inclusion of new functionalities within the FOTOBLOK over time, the container facilitates a dynamic range of engagement experiences as technology advances.
  1. Unique Lifetime Printing Token – An Archaeological Anthology:
    • Each FOTOBLOK is accompanied by a singular lifetime printing token. This empowers collectors to materialize their FOTOBLOK, contributing to an enduring anthology of the collection’s 3D printed iterations across decades, or even centuries.
    • The tangible connection to the digital asset both embodies a moment in the evolution of both the collection and 3D printing and serves as a testament to the confluence of art and technology throughout time.

Significance of Surface Surveys:

    • Shot over 4 years (2015 and 2019) in locations around the world, each of the 6 surveys embodies the planet’s natural, essential expression, unhindered by man, and underscores the ethereal nature of wild lands in our current, anthropocentric age.
    • Aside from the Greenland study, each survey represents the first photographic survey of its kind conducted beyond scientific or military objectives, underscoring the remote nature of the locations.
    • Surface Surveys explores contemporary themes of Wilderness & Biodiversity, Care of Other, Extinction, and Self-Interest vs. Public Interest
    • The collection directly interacts with the following LISA WOOD STUDIO projects placing the project within greater context:
          • Twenty-first Century in Black & White
          • ATTENTION
          • Totems & Sentinels
          • HUMUS
          • SHIFT
          • Winterblue + Essay

Collection’s Perpetual Purpose & Utility

    • To protect the world’s biodiversity and preserve the world’s indigenous cultures in perpetuity, and permanently connect artworks that display our planet’s diverse physiographies to initiatives focused on their expansion and preservation.
    • To safeguard priceless regions of life and Earth for the benefit of all people, irrespective of income, age, religion, sexuality, or location, thereby promoting global unity and inclusivity.

Care of Self |Care of Other NFT Benefit Structure

    • Introducing a benefit structure for NFT sales that addresses the contemporary global landscape, demanding us to consider and act beyond our individual interests to tackle the mounting humanitarian, ecological, and environmental crises we face today.
      • 47.5% of sales proceeds to World Land Trust
        • 47.5% of sales proceeds to World Land Trust
            • 100% purchase of wilderness acres
        • 47.5% of re-sales proceeds to World Land Trust in perpetuity
            • 100% purchase of wilderness acres until GOALS SATISFACTION
      • 47.5% to NFT Holder
        • 47.5% of re-sales to NFT owner in perpetuity
      • 5% to NFT Creator (LWS)
          • 20% for maintaining, developing, and transforming collection of evolving assets (storage, security, maintenance, upgrades)
          • 20% for fabrication and physical installation of LWS projects in the public domain
          • 5% for R&D for works in progress
        • 5% of re-sales to NFT creator in perpetuity

Adoption of AI, Quantum Information Transfer, Blockchain:

    • The inclusion of AI, quantum information transfer, and blockchain technologies to incorporate each individual FOTOBLOK’s real-word data such as land coordinates, flora & fauna breakdown, temporal progress transforms each FOTOBLOK into a real-time portal into the land it purchased, facilitating a new level of connection between digital and physical assets.

Realtime Portal into Purchased Land Tracts:

    • Alt Vision – Holographic and 3D Projections:
      • AI: Machine learning algorithms can be used to analyze digital data from satellites and generate detailed 3D models or holographic projections of the tract of Amazon rainforest the FOTOBLOK purchased.
    • Hearing – Auditory Stimulation:
      • AI: AI algorithms can analyze flora and fauna data and corresponding sound recordings to generate realistic soundscapes representing the wilderness land tract. AI could identify different species, their calls, and the ambient sounds of the environment, creating a rich auditory experience.
    • Time – 4D Sculpture:
      • AI: Machine learning algorithms can analyze a series of photographs taken over time of the land tract to create dynamic, time-based representations. AI can detect changes in vegetation, wildlife movements, and environmental factors, generating a 4D illustration that reflects these temporal dynamics.
    • Haptic Experience:
      • Using haptic technology, NFT holders can physically “feel” elements of the wilderness associated with their purchased tract of land, such as the texture of tree bark or the sensation of rainfall.

Collection Breakdown & Editions:

      •  427 FOTOBLOKS – Surface Surveys
        • Greenland
        • White Sands
        • Craters
        • City
        • Wahiba
        • Simpson Desert
      • 2 SIZES
        • FS (Full-size): 84in X 55in X 4in
        • TT (Tabletop): 16in X 11in X 4in
      • Proposed Editions:
        • FS: 10 + 2 AP
        • TT: 25 + 1 AP
      • Proposed Number of FOTOBLOKS in Collection
        • FS: 4,270 + 854 AP’s
        • TT: 11,050 + 427 AP’s