Audio Recording – 5:09 min


We know more about the day-to-day interests and activity of others than ever: not only of people we know, but of those we don’t.

Our thoughts, interests, and attention comprise the accessible pot of gold at the end of every advertiser’s rainbow. However, when considered against the backdrop of the transformative global events defining the 21st century, how much do we really know about the thoughts of others?

ATTENTION is compilation and recording of the most popular search queries every year beginning with the 2001 – the first year of available data – through 2021.

In hindsight of significant national and global events ATTENTION represents 20 years of allegorical insight into what’s been on our minds.

The five-minute recording illuminates each of the twenty year’s most popular keywords globally as well as the most common “how-to” and “what-is” queries within the United States.

The compilation reflects Google’s advancement in data analytics over 2 decades: in 2001, Google released top keyword search data worldwide. Beginning in 2006, the company created Google Trends, introducing numerous sub-search categories such as top people search, news & entertainment stories, top searches by region & country, top “how to” and “what is” categories, and others.